Cash Cow

I am finding out very quickly that what I thought was high costs for my kids when they were infants and toddlers, is nothing compared to the increasing and ongoing costs as they get older.

Sports, school fees and excursions, clothes, food, outings and so much more I don’t even document as it would make me very sad. I come home everyday from work and there is a new form and the kitchen counter asking to contribute cash for something for one of my four kids.

Let’s not forget that as good parents we must allow our kids to participate in all sports and activities that they want to ensure development of physical and social skills. There’s another couple of hundred bucks for registration, games and uniforms – for each kid! Oh and of course you have teach them to swim (and I do strongly believe we should). Another couple of hundred dollars! It’s hard to find the money for all this stuff, not to mention the time it takes to get them to all these activities.

I don’t begrudge the kids and the way in which they live their lives through my wallet, but there are times when I want just one week without a bill for something they need or want to do!

Even as I wrote this post, I got and email from one of the schools asking for $35 for a graduation shirt and $4 for a bus fare to somewhere!

Well that’s the lot of a parent. I know my folks would say that’s what they went through blah blah blah and I appreciate the sacrifices they made (there was five kids in my family). I know it’s the best thing for my kids to get them into all these things and I am sure one day I will reap the rewards when they are Nobel Peace Prize Winners or on the Pro Tennis/Netball/Golf circuits.

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