“Feed the dog!”

This is a dialogue of how it goes in my house when I want someone to feed the dog. I have four kids all of the age that they can function and achieve small tasks like this without any problem. There is also a list of jobs on the fridge for them to follow for the week to get chores done so they get pocket money on payday.

Me: “Someone feed the dog!”


Me: “Someone feed the dog!”

Lily (9yrs): “It’s not my turn.”

Sophie (11rs): “It’s not my turn either.”

Jacob (7yrs): “It’s Charley’s turn to feed the dog.”

Me: “Charley, feed the dog!”

Sophie: “Charley’s not here Dad, she’s gone to her friend’s house.”

Me: “Oh yeah, I knew that.” (Of course I knew that. A good father like me would not have forgotten he let his 13 year old daughter go to the other side of the neighbourhood.

Me: “Someone feed the dog!”


Me: “Sophie feed the dog.”

Sophie: “It’s not my turn.”

Me: “Jacob feed the dog.”

Jacob: “It’s not my turn.”

Me: “Lily feed the dog.”

Lily: “It’s not my turn.”

Me: “Lily, please feed the dog. Charley’s not here and someone has to do it.”

Lily: “No.”

Me: “I’ll give you $2!”

Lily: “Ok.”

And the dog finally gets fed.

I need to walk around with a pocket full of coins and just hand them out per job that needs doing to save my time and frustration.

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