Holiday in Bali

We recently did the token trip to Bali with the family. All six of us on a plane and then let loose on Kuta and surrounds. In my previous career I had traveled most of South-East Asia yet had never made it to Bali or any part of Indonesia. After seven sun and fun filled days I am glad to say that I finally made the pilgrimage.

The weather was magnificent and the locals were as friendly and helpful as one would hope. This is my experience and I would like to think that most others that make the trip have the same.

Some trips we had were to the Waterbom Park, Upside Down World, Monkey Forest and the Dream Museum Zone. We had a day trip up to Ubud in which I took my drone and got some amazing footage at the waterfall and at Teba Sari Restaurant that sits on a lovely rice field.

The kids all survived without Bali Belly and the hotel pool and bar got a major work out. We are keen to go back and enjoy all the other parts of Bali we didn’t see. Some pictures below of the fun and adventures.


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