How did I know the power was out?

Yesterday I was able to get a great Saturday sleep in after  big week at work. The kids did not bother me. They closed my bedroom door and I woke up quite late having not heard a peep from any of them.  I searched the house to make sure I still had four kids. Every single one of them was intently focused on some sort of device watching a movie or playing a game. This is why I did not hear from them. Tablets, TV, Foxtel, phones – internet and power.

This morning was very different. I knew the power was out!

I had four kids at the end of my bed at 7am all telling me that:

  • The power was out.
  • They could not get internet.
  • They could not watch movies.
  • They were bored.

It didn’t take long before the fights started, the screams were heard during these fights, doors were slammed, insults were exchanged and my name was called, no yelled out multiple times.

“Dear Power Gods, please return the power to my house so I can have my sanity restored. Kindest Regards, Father of Bored Kids. P.S. I need power to make pod coffee which is much better than the other option.”


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