I’m watching you!

My 13 year old year daughter just asked me if she could go to the school oval with one of her girlfriends.

“Sure you can, but who is going to be there?”, I asked.

She said that it was just her and her friend. Again, I asked who was going to be there. I do not believe for one minute that 13 year old girls go to the school oval to hang out by themselves. I was 13 once too you know!

She has assured me it is going to be just her and her friend. I reminded her that we only live two streets away from the school, and I have a drone. I told her I would put the drone up and have a look at the school oval from the sky using my drone to make sure she wasn’t lying. That’s when I saw an interesting look on her face. The face of someone who just had their bluff called!

Of course I am not going to put the drone up, but it was fun to let her know I have ways and means and she would have to watch her back 🙂

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