Playground Reviews Part 1

If you are looking for a park to take the kids to or just chill out with facilities and equipment, then have a look at these two that were road tested by my four kids and their friends these school holidays.

  • Sunset Hill Park in Golden Bay


This park is easy to get to off Warnbro Sound Avenue and all the way down the end of Aurea Boulevard. It is situated on a large block with a hill in the middle that splits it in two with the playground on one side and a lookout platform on the West side that gives lovely views of the ocean.

The playground has two BBQs with shade and seating for a lunch or brunch on the weekend, maybe an evening meal as the sun sets. There is a sand area with a tyre tunnel and swing. Then there is a large wood chipped area that has two flying foxes, one with a seat and the other a pole. The runs are 20m long and provide hours of fun for all the kids (even adults). The climbing equipment has a large slide as well as a tower to climb all over. The trees on the hill have a tunnel like path area and goes right up in to the bushes providing a secret garden for the kids to explore.

Overall a great location and setting for hours of play with the ability for the parents to relax or set up for a BBQ outing.


  • Quarry Adventure Park in Meadow Springs


This place really does have it all and is a Top 3 for the kids. It is set in an old quarry that provides a serene and private area which makes you feel like you are out of the suburbs. There is an abundance of trees, birds and other wildlife here that also adds to the overall appeal of the park.

The Quarry Adventure Park in Meadow Springs has tracks that lead through the trees, down to the quarry and around the amphitheatre that is also in the park. There are plenty of tables and seats for families to set up as well as BBQ facilities to have a great party. It also has the benefit of having toilets and a filtered water outlet – something I have not seen anywhere else.

There is equipment for young kids and older kids with a slide that goes from the top to the bottom of the quarry (about 20m long). At the bottom of the quarry is also a viewing area across the swampland at one end of the quarry which is said to hold snakes (friendly of course) amongst all the other wetlands wildlife that can be found there.

Overall a real pleasant and enjoyable experience for the kids and parents with everything you need in a large parkland in the middle of the suburbs.



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