Playground Reviews Part 2

On the back of the review of two parks, one in Golden Bay and one in Meadow Springs, I have been out to what I would have to say is the best park so far. It has it all, and the location is easy to get to with local shops nearby if you are looking to have a party or event here.

  • Kwinana Adventure Park



Just off Gilmore Avenue in Kwinana is by far one of the best facilities for you to take the kids to for hours of play and adventure. There is ample parking around the park as well as just across the road at the Shopping Centre. Set off to the side of Calista Oval, which provides more space for running, kites, dogs, footy, cricket and play, is the large area mostly covered by trees that is the Kwinana Adventure Playground.

The whole area is fenced in with a childproof gate for access. This really does put your mind at ease as you sit on the well manicured grass and let the kids run free. As you walk around the park on the well laid out path that goes around the multiple play areas you can see that there is enough space and activities for a large number of people without feeling like you need to line up for the facilities or play equipment.

There are multiple modern toilets that are clean and user friendly. Around the park are water fountains and shaded areas. There is a section called ‘The Patio’ which can be booked to hold your own function with tables, benches and BBQs. A notice board shows the listings of who has ‘The Patio’ for what day and times (phone number and website on the sign to use for making the bookings). Littered around the park are more BBQs and tables and benches so that many parties can be held at any one time.

A key feature which sits quietly unassuming is the fact that on all the light poles in the park are CCTV domes which must be linked to a central monitoring site for the Town of Kwinana. Nice to know you have that safety and security measure there as well!



The equipment is what I would call AMAZING and a far cry from the ladder and slide set up I am used to from my childhood. There is even a wheelchair and pram accessible merry-go-round/spinny thing (not the official name). There are no steps so all the park can be used by people in wheelchairs or those with prams. Amongst the trees is a large and intricate castle with slides, poles, ladders, bridges and toys to play on. This alone would make it a place great. However, there are also flying foxes, in-ground trampolines, climbing set-ups and a site called the ‘Sensory Area’ providing tools for the kids to make music on with large bits of equipment. There are diggers for the sand and thinking areas that make have to use their cognitive and spacial skills.

I am not sure I have listed everything but the highlight of the park would have to be the shaded water play area. Fountains, rocks and the ground with spurts of water make a great play area in the heat for kids and adults alike. There is a separate shower to rinse of afterwards, although this place does not have the complications that the Elizabeth Quay does, so crack on and get cool.

Absolutely a 10/10 and I am already planning my next child’s birthday party to be here. Get out and see this place, you’ll be glad you did as will your kids.



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