School holidays are over!

Only two days left before the kids go back to school. It’s been a long school holidays and as I look back and reflect there are some things I consider to have been the good and bad of the time with the kids:

The Good

  • I still have four kids.
  • I successfully entertained and fed them for┬áthe holidays.
  • No hospital visits.
  • The dog is still alive.
  • I am not completely bald.
  • We did have a great time doing many things over this time.


The Bad

  • I still have four kids (jokes!).
  • The phenomenal amount of money spent entertaining and feeding the kids.
  • The phenomenal amount of money that needs to be spent on the kids books, uniforms, shoes etc.
  • End of school holidays means the year has started in earnest.
  • Kids bringing homework home and the expectations from the kids and the school on this.
  • School lunches.
  • Having to wake kids up because they won’t get up.
  • Having to tell the kids every little detail on how to get themselves ready for the day.
  • Rotten food in school bags.
  • Only 10 weeks until the next school holidays.

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