See you next year!

I’m using this classic Dad joke with all my friends and kids. Feel free to use it yourself and have a little giggle.

But seriously, 2016 has been busy and very interesting. The kids are growing up and I see more and more things that add to my experience as a Dad. Plenty of funny moments and some sad. It’s all about perspective. Some sad moments are actually funny as well. I have read back through my posts and it helps me remember what has happened in the life of my kids. So as 2017 rolls in I will continue to post stories as a means of sharing my experiences and also a way for my kids to see what they went through in a way that in all reality is ‘on the line‘ for as long as the world wide web exists.

One last story for the year: It was Christmas Day and I had the joy of trying to explain to my young son what two dogs were to doing to each other when the ‘Little Red Rocket’ came out of one while mounted on the other. The part of this that made this interesting was that both dogs were male. This was not a scene we were prepared and the two offenders were separated as soon as this started. We had to make sure this was not replicated while we were trying to relax and have a few drinks.

Be safe and enjoy the festivities tonight. See you next year!

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