My washing machine is now named Thunderdome! I spent a fair bit of money the other week buying six sets of business socks. That should be enough right? You would think, but look at me this morning…

I was already running late this morning and searched high and low for another sock to go with this one. I checked the washing machine, the dryer, the lounge, my drawers, the washing baskets, everyone’s drawers, the kitchen, the yard, the dishwasher, and not one other business sock could be found. I would even go with one that wasn’t part of this pair. Nope!

How many times do you have a pair of socks go in to the laundry and the washing machine and out comes one, with the other never to be seen again?

The best part was that as I moderately raged around the house searching for the other sock and cursing all the places the socks could be, I asked my kids to help who are on school holidays at the moment. The response -”                “- yep silence and not even an acknowledgement that I was in the house. Heads down and eyes glued to portable devices, nothing!

I reverted back to the socks that I used to wear with work boots, the thick explorer ones. Which ironically when I used to wear them everyday with boots, could never find a pair.

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