Went shopping, got a swimming cap…

My son was over the moon yesterday when we went to the shops and as the bill was paid he was handed a shark fin swimming cap. Not the normal gift at the checkout you get, but exciting nonetheless. I am assumed like most of you that it was for swimming and was to be put away for that time when he would go swimming – wrong! He put the cap on and didn’t take it off for the rest of the day. He went all through the shops with it on, had lunch at McDonald’s and then went out on the street to play with his friends. And turns out because he so proudly wore this cap as his new prized possession, all the other kids that saw him with it on wanted one as well. Normally it wouldn’t get looked at twice but because my son so confidently showed this had value it spread and become the topic/hot item for the day.

I couldn’t tell you where it is today or who has it, but for one day, the best thing going at my place was a shark swimming cap.

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