Sitting on the couch, watching a movie on a Saturday around lunchtime. It’s a dangerous time. The kids come out of their rooms and from wherever they have been hanging out all morning. All I hear as I sit on the couch is “Dad, can I have…. and I want…. and what’s for lunch…blah blah blah…”.

Yeah, it’s easy to say, ‘Yes” and “Sure” to their requests and sometimes it’s easier than trying to work out what are the other options. I have done it, and will probably keep doing it. But today when I sat on the couch glued to my movie and overwhelmed by the storyline,

I had no care for what my son wanted for lunch. I couldn’t care less! I just agreed with everything he asked for, right up until the point where my middle daughter kindly pointed out that my son was putting a full metal can of soup in the microwave! Only quick actions saved the house from an unknown response from a can of soup in a metal can exposed to 2 minutes in a high powered microwave.

Be vigilant people. Kids don’t care. They just want what they want and you must know how they are getting there!

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